•   Patio Installation  

•    Masonry/Concrete/Pavers

•    Flower Bed Construction

•    Water Features/Fountains

•    Light Wood Construction

•    Site Grading/Preparation

 Now with competition as busy as ever, you need a company that will start and finish a project in an affordable, timely manner. Regardless of your needs, new construction, commercial building, city projects or residential needs we take all jobs seriously and provide value and professionalism to the project.


If you are selling your home we know that curb appeal and FIRST sight is critical, most homeowners make the decision based on this cosmetic view. Pro Landscape and Design would like the opportunity to visit with you and get the look you need to upgrade or sell your home. Irrigation is a big selling point in the state of Texas and we offer the finest product with our installations.


Most jobs are same-day as well. Please call me, Ron Tocci, at 832-752-3336 or email me at rtocci_03@yahoo.com and we will schedule a visit to discuss all your needs. 



Why settle for ordinary when the extraordinary is a phone call away.   When you can't decide on where to start with your Outdoor Living Space installation or remodel give us call, we will be happy to discuss the many solutions available to you.  

Pro Landscape & Design provides our customers with quality products and solutions for residential and commercial landscaping projects.  Whether you lack the time to work your land or kill every plant you touch, there’s still hope for your landscape.  Pro Landscape & Design can handle the design, planting selection and installation of your outdoor living space. Call for your custom quote today. 

•    Planting and selection


•    Mulching

•    Flower Bed Construction

•    Walkway Installation

•    Rock Gardens

•    Tree Planting

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